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ZERO is a Fitness, Health & Protein company. Their vision is to make fitness supplements that are healthy to consume but also very effective. I was able to build them a experience that represents there vision.

2021 OCT | Present
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The Brand & Website

ZERO needed to be engaging from the first time someone see's the logo & also the website. So I built everything around a brand identity system that, is engaging and also shows there vision.

The biggest problem I had to face was finding balance between good UI and a good UX. Having product images hiding text was a massive problem, but I was able to solve it by using scroll animations. Which meant when you scroll down the products would move out of the way, so you can read! Plus it gets people to keep scrolling ;)


ZERO Protein


Fitness, Health & Protein




Web & Brand Design + Logo Design




Webflow (AWS)

The ZERO's website is filled with many features... Which all come together with the best CMS in the world.
ZERO is also on the same network as companies, like Adobe, Facebook, Netflix and more. So they don't need to worry about the website going down.