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Kingdom Fitness & MMA is a gym based in Peterborough. With their help, I was able to make them a website that shows what they do best... & that is pushing people to there limits with extreme fitness and martial arts training.

2021 Sept | Present
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Kingdom Website

Kingdom is the first GYM & Fitness website I have done! To be able to work on a website, in a field that I am a fan of was a pleasure, and still is.

Starting the project I thought the biggest challenges was integrating memberships! However that was tackled quite quickly, because we found a way to link the previous payment system to the website. Which also allows kingdom to add and remove memberships on there own without the need of me. Using Webflows amazing CMS.


Kingdom Fitness & Martial Arts


Combat & Fitness




Web design/development & Branding


Custom Membership


Webflow (AWS)

The Kingdom website is filled with many features... Which all come together with the best CMS in the world.
Kingdom is also on the same network as companies, like Adobe, Facebook, Netflix and more. So they don't need to worry about the website going down.