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AceMend is a painting and restoration business driven by a clear vision. I had the opportunity to create an experience that represents AceMend's vision. Through their website, I captured the essence of their dedication to exceptional craftsmanship and outstanding service. I Aced it ;)

2023 MAY | Present
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The Brand & Website

Ace Mend required an engaging & captivating brand identity, that would make a lasting impression from the moment someone sees the logo or visits the website. To achieve this, I created detailed logo with the number of the business embedded, which can be placed on vans & people won't need to go search for a number. On smaller scaled I created a minimal version of the logo that can be used online, that way the viewer will not feel they need to squint, straining their eyes when looking at the logo

This was the first tradesmen website I have made so far, so barriers where bound to appear & sure they did. Other than a few odd pages this site is primarily a one pager, this was important so the user did not feel they have to dig through a large site to end up finding irrelevant information about the company that no one will read. Instead everything is compact & straight to the point.


Ace Mend


Painting & Decorating




Web & Brand Design + Logo Design




Webflow (AWS)

This was for sure an interesting project, definitely something I learned a lot from. There was many logo variation & I'm happy with the result of the chosen design.

I'm looking forward to working on more sites like this one!